Getting to know Lynn, the hot housewife

The way things usually work, you get to know a woman first, then you fuck her.

Well, we’ve already seen Lynn fuck two times. And now we’re going to get to know her. We’ve heard of this before…women who like to get the sex out of the way before the first date. They figure they’re going to fuck the guy anyway, so why not get rid of the nervous tension before dinner? So, she sucks and fucks the guy, and then they can go out and enjoy their meal without thinking about whether they’re going to get lucky.

Well, we can tell you that Tony is going to get very lucky. In fact, he already got lucky when the photo version of this scene was shot. And he’s going to get lucky again in the video version. But first, we’re going to get to know Lynn.

We’re also going to see her pussy.

We’re also going to find out why she’s a hot housewife. And why it might pay to hire her as your personal trainer.

All that and much more. Have you ever jacked off to a woman before you met her?

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